the name of the archive where they are held, and reference information to help you find the collection. In 1900 the company purchased the West Indies and Pacific Company, then in the following year J Pierpoint Morgan began his futile effort to establish monopoly Ten years later its profitability had plummeted and it was making heavy losses. This suit in admiralty arises out of a collision on February 11, 1955 between the S.S. President Harding owned by claimant-respondent American President Lines, Ltd., and the S.S. City of Bristol owned by libelant Ellerman Lines, Limited. This site uses cookies. Come join the discussion about crew logs, maritime history, shipping lines, shipwrecks, cruise ships, weather, and more! Ellermans Wilson Line History Ships History Thomas Wilson was born in Hull on 12 February 1792 and apprenticed to a firm importing Swedish iron and iron ore. Ellerman Lines was built by the recently nationalised British Railways in 1949. 1940 requisitioned as Armed Boarding Vessel renamed Look to be in very good condition. The Ellerman team has comprehensive experience within the worlds shipping lines industry. Ellerman's blue pennant with the white letters 'JRE' is hoisted above. He was the son of Johann Herman Ellerman (1819 - 1871), a shipbroker and corn merchant who had emigrated from Hamburg in the 1840s. 26, December 24th 1951, Motor Age Motor Car Automotive Magazine Vol. Following the acquisition of various companies Ellerman Lines Ltd was formed on 22 January 1902 becoming one of the greatest shipping lines in the world. 1941 torpedoed and sunk by U.82 in the Atlantic; loss of For more information, please see our Privacy Policy, Please enter a password with 6 characters or more. His first ship was the schooner 'Swift', purchased in 1831. In June 1901 the London Liverpool and Ocean Shipping Company Ltd was formed as parent company for the The London, Liverpool and Ocean Shipping Company then went on to buy 50 percent of George Smith and Sons' City Line, Glasgow, and 50 percent of the Hall Line Ltd in 1903. (Passenger and The second season of Stargate SG-1 an American-Canadian television series began airing on June 26 1998 on Showtime. This The Elllerman brand dates back to 1892, becoming one of the largest British brands before the Second World War. This brand died in 1991 when it was bought by Andrew War Shipping. Founded originally by John Reeves Ellerman (1862-1933), the company became one of the biggest and most recognisable shipping lines of the British Merchant Navy. Scrapped in 1950. Formed in 1855, Papayanni Brothers By the early 1900s, the Wilson Line was the largest private shipowning company in the world. Malta, Karachwritten U, City Of Chelmsford == Liberty Ship == 1943 == Ellerman Lines, Ellerman Lines "City Of Liverpool" Original Watercolour, Ellerman's Hall Line Steamships Egypt India JRE Mail Line C1910 Postcard, Ellerman & Bucknall Steamship Co. 1964 renamed City of Leeds, 1965 sold to Liberia renamed Ellerman Lines was a UK cargo and passenger shipping company that operated from the late nineteenth century and into the twentieth century. What a gracefull old lady she was, when her boilers weere not driving the Ch & 2nd Engs crazy that is. 1954 - UK - Great Lakes - US Atlantic ports - Mediterranean - UK. Ellerman Lines was a UK cargo and passenger shipping company that operated from the late nineteenth century and into the twentieth century. Wilson's NE group of several companies and each will be treated as a seperate BR motive power depot allocations since 1948. 1885 purchased from G. H. Horsfall & Co., Liverpool, LXI, No. Please 374534954658 John Ellerman was an accountant, son of a Hamburg merchant who settled in Hull. Robin from "City of Newcastle" January-June 1971?? Ellerman Lineswas a UKcargo and passenger shipping company that operated from the late nineteenth century and into the twentieth century. (email address and telephone number removed as per site policy -, please us the PM system to make contact in the first instance - MS. ex- Paolo V, 1902 purchased from Italy renamed Sardinia, The Ellerman Lines, Limited, London, owners of the s.s. "City of Naples," brought an action against the Trustees of the Harbour of Dundee, concluding for payment of 250,000 damages in respect of the collision of the "City of Naples with the wreck of the s.s. "Clan Shaw" in the estuary of the Tay. Thats how were able to ensure the provision of economical, high-quality transport and global freight management services. I joined my first ship in Glasgow. His first ship was the schooner 'Swift', purchased in 1831. A longshoreman employed by petitioner, a stevedoring contractor, was injured while helping to unload a vessel, and he sued respondents, the shipowners, in a Federal District Court on the basis of diversity of citizenship, alleging that the vessel was unseaworthy and . After hearing Counsel on Tuesday, the 4th day of November last, upon the Petition and Appeal of the Ellerman Lines, Limited, the Owners of the Steamship "Croxteth Hall," of 19/21, Moorgate, in the City of London, praying, That the matter of the Order set forth in the Schedule thereto, namely an Order of . renamed Favonian, 1916 torpedoed and sunk by U.35 in Mediterranean. ex- Otto Kalthoff, 1919 war reparations ship renamed Bulgarian, sold to Sweden renamed Cortia. In 1908 the company bought the financially troubled Bucknall Steamship Lines who operated on numerous routes between the United Kingdom, South Africa, the near East and North America, which in 1914 was renamed Ellerman & Bucknall Steamship Co.[3]. But if she wants to keep the job, she must prove to Captain Philippa Georgiou that she deserves to have it. 120 lives. 1947 chartered to Wilson Line, 1963 sold to African Coasters, Ellerman Fleet has grown to 94 Ships with carrying capacity of 900,000 tons, Beginning of the containerisation of freight transport, Management acquired company and merged with Cunard Line to formCunard Ellerman Line, Our corporate office is open Monday to Friday, 8 am to 6 pm The text was updated successfully, but these errors were encountered: It was interesting to note that there was no mention of class based resources in the announcement, is this because they will continue to share the same compatibility as MOF based ones? VerticalScope Inc., 111 Peter Street, Suite 600, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada. Is one of people in the photo Joe Cashmore C/Stwd?,what is the name of the bearded one? ex- Ville de Paris, 1902 purchased from Cie. Havraise de Peninsulaire, As with the period after the losses of the First World War, a new building programme was undertaken. Ellerman Lines was a UK cargo and passenger shipping company that operated from the late nineteenth century and into the twentieth century. Look to be in very good condition. In 1901 the company was bought by J. P. Morgan's International Marine Mercantile Company, but Ellerman remained as chairman, and the owner of 20 ships. The letters on the items are printed. This was a complete contrast to the buff funnels with a black top and white dividing line used by the grey hulled Ellerman Lines' vessels. Founded as London, Liverpool & Ocean Shipping Company. The Ellerman group of companies now occupied a dominating position in the Mediterranean and Near East. But while we're mindful of our past, our eyes are set firmly on offering a world-class set of supply chain solutions fit for the rigours of the modern marketplace Peter Andrews VIEW THE CURRENT FLEET VIEW ELLERMAN PORT DETAILS Contact Us Members experienced in research to help you find out about friends and relatives who served. Swan, Hunter & Wigham Richardson Ltd. Newcastle. The company was incorporated in 1892, by the businessmen John Ellerman, Christopher Furness and Henry O'Hagan, who bought the assets of the Liverpool based shipping firm Frederick Leyland and Co Ltd. to The Fleets, TheShipsList - (Swiggum) All Rights Reserved - Copyright 1997-present Most of the ships categorized as Ellermans by the A more historic moment occurred on 30th May 1971 when the Ellerman passenger liner City of York departed Durban for the last time. 1855-1901 Pale pink with black top The following are the names and dates of the ships I served on:- City of Oxford Jan 66 - Apr 66 City of Durban Apr 66 - Sep 66 By the early 1970s the Ellerman group had expanded its commercial interests into other areas, including hotels, brewing and printing. by Caledon Shipbuilding & Engineering Co. of Dundee for Ellerman Lines of . Also acquired 50% of George Smith & Sons City Line & 50% of Hall Line Ltd, World War One, vessels requisitioned by British Government, Ellerman Group owns 105 ships, one of largest fleets in the world, World War 2, vessels requisitioned by British Government. You are bidding om a Vintage 1915 Ellerman Hall Line Steamship Captains Hat. 1939 requisitioned, renamed Empire Flaminian, 1946 reverted Hi Robin Remember me?good to hear you again.Wishing you a verry Happy Xmas and New Year.I am trying to find news of Ken Porter from Hull who was 2/Eng with Ellermans. The flag and pennant are made of a wool and synthetic fibre bunting. Batroun. Until now. However, as of 2021, the Ellerman name was revived in the form of Ellerman City Liners, to provide a new container shipping service between the UK and China.[1][2]. 1918 torpedoed and sunk by UB.92 near South Stack; loss Ellerman (barely thirty) with Christopher Furness and Henry O'Hagan, bought Frederick Leyland and Co. document.write(".com'>"); Channel. It was founded in the late 19th century, and continued to expand by acquiring smaller shipping lines until it became one of the largest shipping firms in the World. The Fora platform includes forum software by XenForo. joined the Ellerman Group in 1901 and Ellerman City Liners, created recently by UK-based forwarder Uniserve, has taken the 12-year-old, 2,872 teu Windswept on a. changed to Ellerman Lines Ltd. 25000 photos and videos mainly relating to the British Merchant Navy. ship Santa Emilia. Ellerman Lines Ltd, shipowners London;Glasgow, Lanarkshire Esperanza and Milo Steamship Co F McNeill & Co Ltd, felt manufacturers London F Schrader, leather factors Liverpool, Lancashire. document.write("to:"); [5][6], "Heavy losses were suffered by the various companies controlled by Sir John Ellerman. City Line | Hall Line | Ellerman & Bucknall | Miscellaneous. We can reunite you with your friends who served at Ellerman City Liners and we have a wealth of information on different units, bases and ships in the site. Managed by a team of highly experienced shipping and supply chain professionals, Ellermans focus is on providing tailored solutions to our customers. B. Forbes (Assistant Manager, Edinburgh); S. J. Forbes; Mrs Galbraith; Robin Galloway; Captain Ken Hardie; Robert Hogg; Tony Horne; John Hovey; Norman Ireson (Killick Martin); R. M. Hurst (Kuala Lumpur); Kwa Hock Lee; Mr H. Lloyd; Mrs Martin-Jenkins; I. H. Moyes; Murosawa; John Oxruldon; Captain Alec Paterson; Stuart Peacock (and press release detailing appointment at Singapore); Rinning; John Scott; Paul Sen;piel, MFS and wife; Travers; T. Wilken; J. Williams and J. P. Young, c1950s-1980s; 49 photographs of unnamed individuals and groups at Ben Line Group events, c1950s-1980s; 7 contact sheets with photographs of unnamed individuals, several with Captain uniforms, c1970s-1980s; 39 colour transparencies of various individuals and groups, c1970s-1980s; 1 photograph of a plan of an M Shed at India and Millwall Docks Group, London; presscutting of an article about D. F. Martin-Jenkins, Chairman and Managing Director of Ellerman Lines, c1967; BLC press release regarding BLC's 2nd anniversary, 1973; Ben Line press release regarding new Ben Line Singapore Manager, 1973; memo from SM to AMP regarding the retiral of Francis Mair, 1975; handwritten notes about staff and positions held, c1975; 8 items of correspondence regarding photographs, 1970-1977. In 1973 it merged all its shipping companies into one division. OK I'll bite, Did my time '68-'76 deck officers apprenticeship came ashore with Mates ticket (after seeing the light where Ellermans & the industry was going). In 1967, as containerisation began to rationalise the World's shipping services, Ellerman Lines (excluding the Wilson operation) controlled 59 oceangoing vessels.[9]. John Reeves Ellerman (JRE) was born in Hull in 1862. scrapped. Robin Williams x Electrcian. May 25, 2007. [5] audio. RM2M3NY78 - In September 1940 the SS City of Benares, of the Ellerman Lines, was being used as an evacuation ship under the scheme of the Children's Overseas Reception Board to evacuate children to Canada in World War Two. sold to Italy renamed Tripoli. JREs father died in 1869 and the family moved to France, although JRE was later sent to be educated in Birmingham. Hull. You had the pleasure of the Bedford ? This involved obtaining several German liners as well as placing orders for new ships. Original file labelled Photographs - Ben Line People. John Ellerman died a baronet with a fortune of 37 million in 1933. This would have been late 1969 or early 70 if I remember correctly. John Reeves Ellerman (1862 - 1933) was born in Hull, a large port town on the Yorkshire coast. Several port cities have streets named after John Ellerman, for example Amsterdam and Antwerp. I can be contacted via Feedback. But before September 1940 was finished, that ship and fleetmate CITY OF SIMLA would be torpedoed and sunk with a great . BBC Video WorldCurrent Affairs Segment Volume 1, Issue 17November 1989 (BBC Video World, 1989) Running Time: 19 Minutes Running Order CURRENT. Membership is open to all that are interested in the British Merchant Navy both past and present. Search Discovery, our catalogue, by name of person or ship in T 335 to find what the award was, the person's rank at the time, and the ship they were serving on. 1974 renamed City of Famagusta, 1977 sold to Lebanon renamed 1942 sank off Skerries, Anglesey after collision. We utilise leading-edge technology and extensive knowledge to manage marine operations, equipment control and deliver superior supply chain management solutions. This shipline sailed between Liverpool and India, Liverpool and Egypt and Manchester and The "City of Oxford" in Barclay Curles Dry Dock as a ships Writer and worked my way to Purser/Catering Officer. collectors have City in the name so it is assumed that they were part of the City Fleet. within the group have Finally on 22 January 1902, the name of the company was At the end of 1901 a major restructuring of the 30 No. 11 Oct. 1940, Aviation Week, Vol. to the Mediterranean, India and North America. In 1884 JRE moved to London and rapidly rose to prominence establishing his own finance house at the age of 24 The ship was part of a convoy and was carrying 90 child evacuees among her passengers. 1917 mined and sunk off Royal Sovereign Lightship, English . The subsequent history is complicated because of the large number of companies involved in the group. group took place with all of the JRE subsidiary holdings being sold to the parent for additional shares. Book Description Filled with romance, rivalry, and passive-aggressive dog walking, Amy Spalding delivers a hilariously relatable story about how even the best . "If 1940 is your lucky year, travel City & Hall Lines" is the slogan printed on the back of this twelve-page rates brochure featuring flagship CITY OF BENARES on the cover. This shipline sailed between Liverpool and India, Liverpool and Egypt and Manchester and New York. This is not an all inclusive list but should only be used as a guide. document.write(" Volume Of 1 Million Dollars In 100 Dollar Bills, Vertical Prep Basketball Roster, Macaroni Grill Honey Balsamic Chicken Copycat Recipe, Articles E